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IRC JAPAN is an image consultant training school established in New York. 


Students can learn image consulting techniques to effectively manage the appearance, communication, and behavior that determine a person's impression and to optimize personal branding, either one-on-one or in small groups. All courses are conducted online. Depending on your preference, you can take the course from anywhere in the world.

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IRC JAPAN offers three image consultant training courses: the Professional Course, the Class Act Course, and the Body Language Course.

We recommend the "Professional Course" for those who want to be a professional image consultant, and the "Class Act Course" for those who want to learn image consulting for men. For those who want to study body language intensively, we offer the "Body Language Course" .

Image Consulting Courses


In the Professional Course, you will simultaneously acquire advanced impression management skills based on appearance and performance skills that enable you to effectively direct your own facial expressions and behavior according to your objectives. Through repeated practice with actual clients, you will hone the multifaceted perspective and proposal skills required of a professional image consultant.

CLASS ACT COURSE (Men's Image Consulting) 

This course is designed for those who want to teach business person how to be professional and attractive. You will learn how to choose the right clothes for the right occasion, how to dress for different industries and positions, the unspoken rules of the international arena, and the skills necessary to instruct on behavior and personal appearance.


This course is a specialized course on the relationship between body language and human impressions. You will learn in detail how our unconscious facial expressions and gestures are perceived by others and what kind of psychological impact they have. After taking this course, you will be able to teach your clients how to use body language that is appropriate to the image they want to create.


Image Consulting Program


Reasons why students choose

Individual consultations are available for those who are considering taking the course.

Image Consulting Tools

IRC JAPAN | image consultant training school

We can schedule your course according to your preference.

IRC JAPAN | image consultant training school




 IRC JAPANが紹介されています。

Yoko Asaka

Yoko Asaka is a trainer, speaker, and writer on image strategy and non-verbal communication. She founded the Image Consulting School which provides politicians, newscasters, business executives and medical institutions with the opportunity to learn image strategy, non-verbal communication and body language. She also founded the International Body Language Association in Tokyo, Japan.Over the past 16 years, she has been invited as a guest lecturer at various universities to give lectures on attire and behavior. She has been interviewed by and appeared in media outlets such as the Newsweek Japan, Forbes Japan, AERA Style Magazine and numerous newspapers as an expert in image management and body language. She is currently a lead lecturer at the New York Fashion Institute of Technology.


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What new!​

服育 書影.png
安積陽子 NYとワシントンのアメリカ人がクスリと笑う日本人の洋服と仕草 ニューヨ

Newly published by Yoko Asaka, President of IRC JAPAN 
“Clothes Education: Teaching your Children how to dress with style”Now on sale at bookstores nationwide!

スクリーンショット 2019-02-09 22.53.40.png
安積陽子 NYとワシントンのアメリカ人がクスリと笑う日本人の洋服と仕草 ニューヨ

New book by Yoko Asaka, President of IRC JAPAN 
“CLASS ACT”Now on sale.

New book by Yoko Asaka, President of IRC JAPAN “Japanese attire and embarrassing behavior on the international stage”Now on sale.


国際イメージコンサルタント, イメージコンサルタント養成, ニューヨーク イメージコンサルタント 安積陽子

We held a training program for managers from Asian countries with Dominique Isbecque , a founder of AICI,  at the headquarters of a U.S. brand.

アエラスタイルマガジン 46.jpg
アエラスタイルマガジン 安積陽子.jpg

The latest issue of Aera Style Magazine and the web version of Aera Style Magazine feature a serial column by IRC JAPAN Representative Yoko Asaka.

newsweek 安積陽子.jpg

The Pairs x uno "How to Self-Produce a Man to Make a Good Impression on the First Date" event is featured in Newsweek.

安積陽子 ニューヨーク イメージコンサルティング.jpg

PRESIDENT STYLE features an interview with IRC JAPAN President, Yoko Asaka, titled "What's wrong with your suit style? is published in PRESIDENT STYLE.










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